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10 June 2011 @ 09:52 pm



1) I talk a lot about my personal life rather than music etc.

2) I post a lot of pictures sometimes.

3) Profanities are sometimes used.

With that said, leave a comment if you want to add :)
09 August 2010 @ 03:14 am
I haven't posted in AGES.

It's crazy working so much and coming home, reading, watching tv then sleeping.

Anyway, is anyone going for Book Expo America 2011?

I'm planning to go so if anyone's planning on going, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! We can totally meet up and go together!

It's in NYC and there are travel/hotel discounts for attendees I think. I'm dying to check it out!
Today was supposed to be the 2-day continuing live for Kodomo A's revival as a band, but so many awesome bands were playing and of course... I went for UnsraW!!

The live started really early about 4PM since there were 11 bands. But most of the bands only got to play THREE songs. THREE FREAKING SONGS!... Usually they get FOUR. But it's okay since there were 11 bands.

Anjyu'Collapse )

AWOICollapse )

HEARCollapse )

juliadollCollapse )

BergeracCollapse )

TINCCollapse )

UnsraWCollapse )

I left after that since I wanted to fill up anquettes and stuff like that. And thank god we left early because if we stayed for KodomoA, we would've missed the demachi for UnsraW.!!!!
We did demachi for UnsraW and oh-my-god am I shocked to the bone. Shou is actually REALLY REALLY cute without makeup and he's really tall!!!! Jun just looks like a reggae boy :D:D And Yuuki without makeup is still hot. :D

And that's it! The rest of the bands who played were Sugar, Arc, Kodomo A and Siva.
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This live was amazing, and I'm not even kidding when I say that. I enjoyed it so damn much. Thinking about it now even makes me happy. All bands were amazing!

lynch.Collapse )

WizardCollapse )

12012Collapse )

AyabieCollapse )

There you have it, a fantastic live. Definately worth going all the way to Nagoya for.

Also randomly, I'm kinda into heidi. now after listening to their music on repeat while waiting in Likeanedison.. Hahahahaha..
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Todays live was AWESOME! I had so much fun! :D

Bands that played: lynch. / Gilgamesh/ ACID/ heidi. / Sel'm / Sugar

Sel'mCollapse )

ACIDCollapse )

SugarCollapse )

heidi. were next, but I'm not writing anything for them cos' I didn't really focus on them much.. *was at the back eating fries*.. :P

lynch.Collapse )

GilgameshCollapse )

No encore, which sucked. But it was a really really fun live! I enjoyed it a lot, especially ACID and Giru's performance :D
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17 April 2007 @ 11:15 pm
Today was probably the worst live I've ever been to (for me at least) since I haven't eaten in 2 days and I'm probably on the verge of fainting (but after the live we ate something so I'm fine now :D ) but the bands were good, I just wasn't in the condition to fully enjoy them. I also saw like a whole row of foreigners.. I'm a little in shock, forgive me :D

I'm also really tired so expect this to be kinda short? :D

Bands that performed: UnsraW, Wizard, Serial Number, Viored, beaU, Ayabie, Screw.

UnsraWCollapse )

ScreWCollapse )

VioredCollapse )

WizardCollapse )

Serial NumberCollapse )

No beaU or Ayabie because I skipped their performances... :P

Sorry for the shitty report. I'm just not feeling very well :)
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So today was the Wizard Instore Event!

Where shall I start? We all gathered at about sixpm and went in by numbers.. Sat inside and waited like 10 minutes for Wizard members to come in. When they finally did, god was I shocked!

Everyone had no make up, and all except Saki was wearing sunglasses. Saki's eyes oh my god.. They are so tiny! And they all looked like normal people @_@ It was kinda unimaginary.. The last instore I went to (12012).. The members were in full-costume/makeup.

They started with a talk, where the MC person asked different questions from the fans.. And when they asked the question "What is the most shocking/surprising thing a fan has given to you as a present?" .. Haruka started imitating a character from a weird Manga that a fan gave him and he kept doing it the WHOLE TIME. The other members also said that Haruka's been annoying them with that imitation for a few days now hrhrhr. Masumi said he got underwear with a "special" place to put his *****... >_>

They also talked about their upcoming lives, upcoming releases [Bribe of Love 2 (PVs), Ura-Wizard (Omnibus?) etc-] and then it was time for the photo taking session!

WARNING: BIG pictures under the cut!

WIZARD + ME?Collapse )

After the picture I got to shake hands with all the members... And when Hiro shook my hand he said "Your hand is so cold..." And I just apologized.. I couldn't say anything because I was so nervous as usual @______________@

So that was a pretty fun instore! I can't wait to see them live on the 17th! :D
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21 February 2007 @ 01:45 am
So I took pictures of the 24-page album booklet of "Shinki". Sorry that the picture qualities aren't very good and I don't have a scanner X______X

HereCollapse )

I guess this really is a graduation song.. Even the booklet is beautiful *_______*

And really, I should watermark these pictures, but just don't be an asshole.
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Before the live report, I would just like to say that-


Okay, not broken but maybe fractured. This is what happened.

My friends and I (we're the groupies all wearing the 12012 T-Shirt in the first row and second row before the stage) were headbanging and doing the same furi together during 12012, and suddenly my nose hit my friend's head infront of me, and I totally blacked out for like 2 minutes.. I couldn't react or open my eyes or talk. All I could hear was people asking me "Are you ok? Are you ok?".. And after I recovered my conciousness, I felt blood coming out from my nose.. Hahahahaha... But I carried on with the live anyway when the blood stopped. So if any of you who were there and saw a girl wearing a 12012 t-shirt and holding her nose after the live like a fool, that was me. Okay, on to the live report.


I was very surprised that there were quite a few gaijin people around since Nagoya had none, or none that I saw anyway. It was quite surprising! I have to say that today's live was the BEST LIVE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! Since Nagoya's live was not as exciting, Sa and I decided that since Undercode is a Osaka label, they will do an AWESOME live in Osaka; and it was THE BEST. When I say the best, I mean things like Kisaki using a fire exthinguisher to spray everyone, Kisaki crowd surfing, Rame crowd surfing.. A lot of awesome things. SO! Let's get straight to it.

VidollCollapse )

PhantasmagoriaCollapse )

Before 12012 came out, Kisaki and Rame-tan did a MC. They talked and joked about a few things; like Kisaki's tax evasion thing, PS COMPANY, Miyavi (they were all joking around) and the future of Undercode Productions. Nothing yet on 12012, Mago and Vidoll, but maybe they will announce something at their Tokyo live. I'm not going for the Tokyo live, but my friend is, so I will keep you guys informed ^_^

12012Collapse )

EncoreCollapse )


Now I will go rip the live only CD. :)

For now, I'm taking a break from lives. >.>
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Reporting from Nagoya!!!

Today was the first live of the Graduation Lives from Undercode Productions. Diamond Hall was not as big as I expected it to be, but Sa and I were in the front row in the center anyways. It was PACKED full. 12012 were up first; then Vidoll then Phantasmagoria. It was the most tiring live I have ever experienced in my life.

12012Collapse )

VidollCollapse )

PhantasmagoriaCollapse )

Encore SessionCollapse )

Mago's Vain single was on pre-sale but I didn't buy, but I did buy the Limited Edition CD of Kisaki Project feat. Wataru, Jui and Riku. I haven't listened to it yet, but I will tomorrow, after the Osaka live, so wait for it!

All in all, it was an extremely fun live, and I wish all of you could have came, too :)
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